Monday, June 11, 2007

WritingThis Blog

I think it's time to write a blog. I’m not trying to philosophize, I just think there are things so dear that I need to write down them here. Sure, I begin asking myself why-s and what-s about this blogging, but techincally speaking, I think I would seek the answers later. Now I just want to be a strange submarine in a strange deep sea, and I keep on diving deep down, propelling my self, and whispering tiny words to my friends beside me. So I decide to blog.

There are things I see, think and hear in my daily life. Are those moments precious enough as miracle? I dunno. I just feel that I have opportunity to experience. Happiness, sorrow, laugh, cry, are only attributes, aren’t they? I can not deny the sun that always shines there in the sky, the breath which I take, and the birds that sing there (hei, I can hear them from my window every morning). And I love to talk about many things to experience with friends all over the world.

Is life always something to plan or something to remember? However, I am living, now and here And that’s great enough to think about that. (Thank God). There are many things to talk about. Strange and rare books, exotic musics, old temples in my hometown, the story of men and women I never heard, etc. But I know, life is really far more than that things. Life is something both ordinary and odd. And IMHO, it’s nice to talk about this life.

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